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The Starter Kit Bundle(Resell Rights)

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Unlock the secrets to success in the business world with our informative bundle. Our expert-led courses, 'Starting A Digital Product Business, and 'The Brand Marketing Course, provide everything you need to know about establishing and growing a thriving business. 

Discover the secrets how I unlocked the secrets to getting 10k as a small business owner . Learn the skills to implement to become the best business owner and in digital marketing. 


I have implemented the knowledge and skills to teach you exactly what to do. No other course is made like this. I’ve already helped hundreds of young women with their business. 

This course is valued at 1,000+ but for now grab it while it’s low and start implementing the strategies. 

Once you have purchased this kit you’ll gain access to: 

-A Free 101 Consultation Call

-Free Audit 

-Free custom planner/journal 

-Free access to discord 

-2 MRR ebooks 

The Branding Marketing Course 

In this HOW TO COURSE I will be providing you with valuable information on how to successfully start your business, the best ways to market your small business.  With this information you will be able to understand, demonstrate and teach others how to start their OWN business. 

A video will be included on the breakdown. 

  • Finding your niche
  • Creating your business name & logo
  • Implementing a business plan 
  • Goals for your business?
  •  Mindset for a successful business 
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing 
  • Marketing into sales
  • Suppliers (Vendors)
  • Handling Financials
  • Professional Email & Number
  • Domain Name/Website
  • Hooks
  • Reviews for website purposes 
  • Trending Audio
  • Scheduling Content
  • Content Ideas
  • Freebies
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation ( Capcut) 
  • Understanding seo for your website 
  • Implementing keywords for your instagram 
  • Banned Hashtags 
  • Selling in stories 
  • Reel Cover
  • Marketing Cheat Codes
  • Building a lead list 

Digital Product Success Guide

Ready to Launch Your Digital Empire? Dive into "The Blueprint for Digital Success" and unleash your inner entrepreneur with confidence!

Whether you're a seasoned business pro or a budding visionary, this comprehensive guide is your roadmap to navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. 


This Guide Includes: 

  • Market Research & Validation
  • Steps To Greating Digital Products
  • Product Development Strategies
  • Developing Your Business Name/Logo
  • Building Your Business Page
  • Pricing Strategy
  • 10 Reels Ideas
  • Reselling Digital Products
  • Digital Product Ideas
  • Websites To Sell Digital Products
  • How to add a digital product to your website
  • *Bonus*Content 
  • *Bonus* Digital Products Names (Using Chat GPT)

Are you tired of struggling to engage your audience effectively? Are you lookig to innovative ways to STREAMLINE  your business operation and boost your marketing efforts? Our chat GPT ebook is here to help impelment the right marketing stratgies, connect and captivate your audience. 


In this comprehensive course, we dive DEEP into a the why, HOW and what chat GPT is. Addressing your pain points head-on and empowering you to harness the full potential of this ground breaking technology. Discover why chat GPT is more than a chatbot. 


IT'S A GAME CHANGER for business looking to enhance the customer engagement, automate repetitive tasks anbd deliver on more personalized experience. This 62 page course will guide you step by step you need to impelment chat GPT. 


The Utlimate Guides Offers:


-Overview Of AI

-Importance of Chat GPT In Business

-Getting Started With AI 

-Leveraging Chat GPT For Engagement 

-Using AI For Instagram Profile

-Utilizing AI For Marketing & Sales

- Stock Photos From Canva 

-Implementing AI From Facebook

-Sales Funnel Prompts For Different Business





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I got my first ebook from HWB… & now i have like 10
When i tell y’all she’s the biggest help she’s super nice & communicative 💕 I learned so much from her digital products From learning how to edit To even learning about HIDDEN HASHTAGS Vendors + more !!