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Rich Off Reels Growth Guide (Resell Rights)

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This reel guide is 37 pages long full of value information. If your struggling with reels and sales this GUDIE is for you. I walk you through step by step how to properly post reels to turn onto reels. 

This includes: 

  • Strategies for short/long term growth
  • How to properly use Reels to benefit vour business
  • How to attract the correct clients
  • Pros/Cons of using your current account to promote your business vs creating a new one
  • How to create a freebie
  • How to use your IG stories to sell products
  • How produce creative content
  • Types of content to post get receive more engagement and sales
  • How to optimize your account
  • Encouragement + Tips

After purchasing, you’ll get a email with the PDF document form. You’ll be able to customize & resell this product and make it your own on Canva. Please take out any of our brand name and change the colors.